Web Design

I have designed a few websites from start to finish, and have a lot of background working with and editing HTML and CSS. I have designed websites for both responsive and non-responsive environments, as well as working in a mobile-first environment.

Logo Design

I have had the pleasure of designing many different kinds of logos, from watercolor wedding crests to clean, corporate logos during a rebranding process. When designing a logo I take into account everything on my clients "wish-list" while also working hard to create a new, fresh identity. Shape and color both play a huge role in creating a new logo, and I try not to rely too heavily on text wherever possible.

Print Design

In 2015 I started a small business as a hobby creating invitations and stationery for friends, family, and small businesses. I enjoyed the creative freedom this provided me that my 9-5 job did not. My passion for graphic design grew quickly, and I was catapulted into learning about the difference in process and spot colors, what a Pantone color was, and how to layout a page to be both informative and visually pleasing.

I still find myself doing small odd jobs for friends and family, but have mostly put this side business on hold while I work on advancing my career and growing my family!

Digital Illustration

Art class was always my favorite subject in school. I found the freedom to let my creativity flow, and loved that everything was subjective - there was no right or wrong answer. However, as I grew older I found myself more critical of my own work. I have more trouble than I would like to admit drawing a straight line, and it would drive the perfectionist in me mad. I found my calling when I discovered Adobe Illustrator, where straight lines are about the most simple task you can find. I absolutely love how much freedom modern programs give you to be creative while also supplying the tools to satisfy my perfectionism.